Thursday, May 21, 2015

Up Close with Lauren ~ Melanoma Awareness Edition

Just like our patients, our Germain staff suffers from common skin issues, the occasional breakout and even wrinkles! Ever wonder what they do to look so fabulous? Find out on our Staff Blog post. Each month we will feature a different staff member their favorite products, routines, skin care battles and more. May's feature is in honor of Melanoma Awareness month.

Lauren Whitehead
Laser Specialist and
Head of Cosmetic Department
35 years young

Two years ago Lauren had three moles biopsied, which returned as severely atypical.  Growing up in South Carolina Lauren was out in the sun constantly and admits she didn't apply sunscreen as often as she should have, sacrificing safety for a nice tan (which many of us can relate to). During her 20's Lauren joined the Germain team and began to understand the importance of protecting herself from the sun.

Now, Lauren states, "I do not go outside anymore without applying sunscreen with a physical block 30 minutes prior to going out.  With the diagnosis of atypical moles I am seen regularly for my full skin exam.  I am thankful that my kids are sun conscience as well, so hopefully they won’t have to worry in the future."

 Skin Type:  Combination Skin, Melasma

Morning Skin Care Regimen:  
Brightening Polish
Skin Ton Enhancement Pads 6%
Magic Eyes
Advanced Vitamin C Brightening Serum
Matte Perfection SPF 50+

Night Time Skin Care Regimen:
Skin Enhancing Cleanser 10%
Rejuvenation Pads 10x
Magic Eyes
Skin Enhancing Treatment Cream 20%

Favorite Germain Rx Product(s):
Magic Eyes
Matte Perfection SPF

Favorite Cosmetic Procedure(s):  
It is so hard to say what my favorite cosmetic procedure is as I have been with Dr. Germain for 8 years and have had everything done.  I absolutely love Fraxel and Coolsculpting.  
I suffer from melasma which is a hormonal pigmentation disorder, Fraxel has helped keep my melasma under control. I have also had Coolsculpting on my abdomen, flanks, and outer thighs!  The results are amazing.   

Lauren has also become a fan of the new Clear + Briliant Permea as it has been successful at treating her melasma without the downtime of Fraxel. 

Favorite Facial Make-Up:
 Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals

Best advice from Dr. Germain:
"It is a journey not a race.  You don’t have to do everything at once." 

Lauren's Best Advice:
"If you do a little bit of a lot you will have better results."

Monday, May 18, 2015

Beating Melanoma~ Real Story of a Survivor

Meet Hayley
Melanoma Survivor

Hayley is a vibrant, fun-loving 35 year old mother of two. She has been a patient with us at Germain Dermatology for several years. Hayley recently visited us for a cosmetic appointment when Dr. Germain noticed a mole on her left calf. When asked about the area Hayley mentioned that it had been bothering her a bit as it had become mildly sensitive to the touch and more raised then usual. Although the mole had been there her whole life-the usually inconspicuous spot had developed many characteristics of an abnormal mole.

Upon closer examination Dr. Germain immediately decided the mole needed to be evaluated.  She performed a biopsy and sent it to the lab for pathological evaluation. Pathology results returned and the diagnosis was Invasive Malignant Melanoma, Stage 1. Hayley returned the next day and had the entire Melanoma removed by Dr. McGowan, one of our on staff Mohs Surgeons. 

Luckily in Hayley’s case the cancer was caught early enough that removal wasn’t too intrusive, nor did the cancer spread. Melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers, and any delay in diagnosis can cost you a life. If not caught early the melanoma can form roots that grow through the other skin layers and fatty tissues allowing cells the chance to enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

“It is so important to work with your dermatologist to make sure that you are checking your moles for any changes. Besides seeing your dermatologist once a year, doing self-exams at home may save your life. Every month you need to stand in front of a full length, well lit mirror with no clothes on.  Look at the front of you, your sides and underarms.   Then take a hand held mirror and look and your back, private area palms and soles --- everywhere! If there is anything that you notice that is growing, changing or different, see your dermatologist. It may save your life," says Dr. Germain.

Haley admits her Melanoma was probably caused from too much unprotected sun exposure through her younger years, but also notes skin cancer runs in her family ---  her mother is also a melanoma survivor.

Since her diagnosis and treatment Hayley is avid about wearing sunscreen at all times, not just on beach days, and takes precautions to avoid sun exposure whenever she can. She has continued skin checks with Dr. Germain as well as doing at home self checks.

For Hayley skin cancer truly hit home. She urges everyone to, “Be aware, know your body and pay attention to anything that may be abnormal. When in doubt, check it out!”

Friday, May 1, 2015

SPOT Orange~ Raising Awareness for Skin Cancers

May is Skin Cancer/Melanoma Awareness month, a cause that we take very seriously at Germain Dermatology. Skin Cancers, unfortunately, will effect 1 in 5 Americans despite the advances in medicine, which is why it is so important to use this month to raise the awareness and spread the education needed to prevent this disease!

The American Academy of Dermatology launched a campaign called SPOT Skin Cancer encouraging thousands of it's members and supporters to commit to raising awareness and prevention options for Melanoma and Skin Cancers each May.

We are PROUD to be supporting this campaign and kicking off the month with SPOT Orange Melanoma Monday. A day to rally together in the effort of educating the public on how to perform self exams, how to get proper skin screenings and ways to protect themselves from becoming a statistic. Show your support on Monday, May 4th by wearing your best Orange gear (We understand this may be an issue for Gamecock fans, but it is for a good cause!).

Get your whole office to join, your friends, your family, whomever you can gather and snap a picture in support of Melanoma Monday. Share your photo on our Facebook, tag us on Twitter @Germain_Beauty or Instagram @GermainDermatology and one lucky person, office or group will have the chance to win a FREE Germain Rx Sunscreen of their choice. We will be sure to show off our staff rocking their orange, too! 

Check out these great resources from the AAD:
Types of Skin Cancer
How to Detect Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer Quiz

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Give Magic This Mother's Day

We love to share the Magic of one of our favorite products this time of year.

Our Germain Rx 'Magic Eyes' is a wonder cream of sorts. Containing retinol, peptides and green tea extracts Magic Eyes reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, increases firmness & diminishes dark circles all in one.

Dr. Germain’s mother, Mimzi, has used this product for years and we think everyone can attest that her eyes look AMAZING.

Therefore as Mother’s Day rolls around it only seems fitting to discuss this product, after all, it is 'Magic for your Mother's Eyes’. We are happily offering this Germain Rx favorite for 20% off throughout the month of May.

So stop in this May & grab a little magic for your mom, or yourself, and see the results first hand

*We are also offering Clarisonic Mia Cleansing Systems Buy One, Get One 50% Off from NOW through MAY 8th. Don't miss out on this great deal to treat yourself, your mom, your mother in law or even best friend to Glowing Skin! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Up Close with Lauren~ Germain Staff Skin Care

Just like our patients our Germain staff suffers from common skin issues, the occasional breakout & even wrinkles! Ever wonder what they do to look so fabulous? Find out on our NEW Staff Blog post. Each month we will feature a different staff member their favorite products, routines, skin care battles and more.

Lauren Holloway

Cosmetic Patient Care Representative, 24 years young
 Skin Type:  combination skin, acne-prone, sun damage

Morning Skin Care Regimen:  
Skin Enhancing Cleanser 10%
 Skin Tone Enhancement Pads 6%
Advanced Vitamin C Brightening Serum
Super Sheer Physical Sunscreen

Night Time Skin Care Regimen:
Skin Enhancing Cleanser 10%
*Used with Clarisonic Cleansing System
Rejuvenation Pads 5x
Magic Eyes
Restorative Bio-therapy

Using Routine: Approximately 8 months

Favorite Germain Rx Product:
Advanced Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Favorite other Product:
Antioxidant Toning Pads

Favorite Cosmetic Procedure(s):  
"My favorite cosmetic procedure is by far the Clear and Brilliant. With just two treatments I saw a difference in the overall tone of my skin. I have received so many compliments on how radiant my face looks now! The clear and brilliant has such little downtime for the results it produces.  Immediately after the procedure my face was only red for about an hour and I was able to resume my normal skin care regimen the next day! I am a forever fan of this laser."

Lauren is also a fan of Laser Hair Removal and Botox.  

Favorite Facial Make-Up:
Jane Iredale, Satin Loose Powder 

Best advice from Dr. Germain:
“The key to anti-aging is a retinol and a sunscreen.”  
 “Strive to be the best version of yourself.”

“When using retinol peeling is healing.”

Lauren's Best Advice:
"Educate yourself on skincare. The primary reason people are not investing in quality products or procedures is because they aren’t aware of the benefits. Also, before and after pictures are KEY. I have a picture that was taken before I started with a skin care regimen or had any cosmetic procedures done. The difference is HUGE. Sometimes we aren’t aware of the improvements but, trust me, others will notice. 

As I said before I have received so many compliments on how great my skin looks. All of that can be attributed to maintaining and caring for my skin. Lastly, use sunscreen EVERYDAY. Even if it’s a short commute to work in the car. You would be surprised at the amount of sun exposure we get without even realizing it. Protect, prevent, and maintain!"

Lauren sends you off with these last words of wisdom, "Do something that makes you feel beautiful. Happiness looks great on everyone."

Friday, April 10, 2015

Beards Be Gone~ Men's Shaving 101

The cold months are gone and summer temps are here. It's time to shave those beards and put your best face forward. Here are some great tips on how to get the closest, smoothest shave this summer from our Germain Dermatology PA Lousia Floyd.

  • Make sure your razor isn't old and dull. Use a new one more often than not, and clean it regularly.
  • Shave in the direction of the hair growth. WITH the grain, not against.
  • Shave in the shower or right after shower when hair has had time to soften. Never dry-shave.
  • Consistently use a fragrance and dye free shaving cream for sensitive skin. 
  • Always apply a moisturizer after shaving.
  • If prone to folliculitis or "razor burn", apply a topical antibiotic like benzoyl peroxide and/or clindamycin after shaving. Our Germain Rx Rejuvenation Pads or the 'Bump & Blemish' serum is ideal for those prone to razor burn, post shave breakouts and general shaving irritations. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Decade of Beauty- THANK YOU!

Dr. Germain and the Germain Dermatology staff are so greatly honored to have been voted CHARLESTON'S BEST DERMATOLOGIST for 2015 by the City Paper
This year marks 10 YEARS of being chosen as your best and we are ecstatic. 

Each year Charleston continues to grow and we are proud to be a part of such an amazingly talented city. Having this honor for 10 consecutive years is humbling. We cannot thank each of our staff, patients, friends and locals for their votes.
Congratulations to ALL of this year's winners!